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LEED® Credits thermal insulation – The GROUPE MIRBAT company (Montfavet-France)

MIRBAT (Montfavet-France) officially has entered into the GREENiTOP® “green community” (, that is a selected “club” of virtuous companies that specially care about the environmental performance of their products in the context of LEED® certified sustainable buildings and other main standards.

THE COMPANY (company source)

MIRBAT GROUPE (MEDITERRANEE ISOLATION RAVALE BATIMENT) is above all a family and professional adventure that has lasted for more than 40 years.

The company was born in 1979, with the projects of Jean-Pierre TOGNETTI. He first made the choice to transform the 2.5 hectares of Vaucluse orchards belonging to his parents into a veritable industrial site dedicated to the building professions. Mirbat Groupe then became a benchmark in the construction industry.

Initially, MIRBAT GROUPE specialized in renovating facades and insulating buildings. All members of the Tognetti family are taking part in the MIRBAT adventure and adding their contribution to the building.

Year after year, Mirbat continues to develop and innovate in the building sector, particularly in sprayed polyurethane insulation.

Today, MIRBAT is the leader in sprayed insulation in Europe through its brands Syneris, Oseo and Europiso.


The products considered in this document are projected polyurethane system for low density thermal insulation::

TPF Spray 10: is a low density thermal insulation water-based system for the projected application, which allows to obtain a flexible polyurethane foam. It was developed for thermal insulation and airtightness residential and industrial buildings. TPF SPRAY 10 is applied using professional dosing equipment.

TPF Spray 20: is a low density thermal insulation water-based system for sprayed application, resulting in flexible polyurethane foam. It is an open cell foam with a water blowing agent, developed for thermal insulation and airtightness of residential and industrial buildings. TPF SPRAY 20 is applied using professional dosing equipment.

TPF Spray 40 HFO: is a thermal insulation system for sprayed application, which provides a rigid polyurethane foam. It is a closed cell foam with gas blowing agent, developed for thermal insulation and airtightness of residential and industrial buildings, applied using dosing equipment professional.


Through a careful analysis of the environmental characteristics compared to version 4 of the LEED NC protocol, the consulting firm QualityNet srl (PD) has verified that the company product/s being analyzed can contribute to the following LEED credits:


The logo (s) indicated below, called the GREENiTOP® “product badge”, is / are granted to the Company and represents a summary of the credits to which it may contribute through its products, consistently with what was considered in the previous paragraphs.

It should be noted that one of the main world web sites ( for in-depth analysis of the LEED® credit system, mentions the reference protocol and the progressive number of the prerequisite/credit, differently from what it was reported in the V4 table.

The credits themselves are in fact highlighted to promptly identify LEED compliance and are functional for a synthesis, which is the Product Badge.

It is emphasized that the Product Badges themselves bear the same identification code as this document in order to create a unique identification.

Finally, it should be noted that the Product Badge is shown only for the LEED® System, as it is designed and created to be in line with the references, policies and rules of that system.

GREENiTOP® ( is indeed the first database for Italian products with excellent environmental performance, targeted primarily to architects / planners / designers to help them to select the best products that comply with the requirements of the main Green Building international protocols, LEED® included.

To consult GROUP MIRBAT analyzed products, link to the following page:

To consult instead the companies whose products can compete for LEED® credits, link this page: LEED Certification and Products

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