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Crediti LEED® per sistemi modulari – Azienda Xilobis (CH)

Anche l’azienda Xilobis di Zurigo (CH), entra ufficialmente a far parte della “green community” GREENiTOP®, cioè in quel ristretto “club” di aziende virtuose che hanno a cuore le performances ambientali dei propri prodotti nel contesto di Edifici Sostenibili certificati LEED e non solo.


Our modular design furniture speaks to a modern spirit of time. It is a sustainable, modular furnishing system for a flexible, design-conscious society full of people who move often, enjoy changing their living spaces on a regular basis, and always want to live beautifully – without having to restrict themselves.
Living beautifully and elegantly is a natural need, and a home that reflects your identity can serve as an oasis of peace and relaxation in this restless age. Our environment is increasingly demanding flexibility and mobility, encouraging a lifestyle marked by a reluctance to settle down. Freedom, versatility, individuality, and the willingness to experiment are our constant companions, also influencing the ways we want to live and work. This also changes the demands we place on our furniture. Besides purely aesthetic considerations, our need for changeability, sustainability, and flexibility is increasing – without losing sight of elegance and beauty Xilobis is a smart, modular Swiss furniture system. It is a sustainable, modular furnishing system for a flexible, design-conscious society Besides purely aesthetic considerations, our need for changeability, sustainability, and flexibility is increasing – without losing sight of elegance and beauty. Modular designer furniture from Xilobis is our answer to these needs. It combines timeless design, creative freedom, the highest level of mobility, and individuality. If your environment or design needs change, the furniture changes with ease – it always fits, and presents no limitations to your own creativity. This can contribute to MR credit “Design for Flexibility” in LEED™ V4 RATING SYSTEM.

Our idea was to build a modular system that remained modular and was always able to adapt to new conditions. This means: you don’t just determine what you want to have where, arranged in what way, when you place an order; you can also change the furniture, develop it, or extend it later at any time and without tools to meet your own needs. A flexible, elegant, and unique piece of designer furniture that always fits.
What makes this product special is the particularity of the two conjunctions (ball and rope) that allows in practice the modularity and flexibility guaranteed over time. The module is reachable a very high number of times: during a trade fair a module has been assembled and disassembled 450 times without signs of wear and tear. This also thanks to the steel ball, an element of conjunction that is impossible to break.
The well-engineered Xilobis system consists of precisely manufactured beech plywood sheets, in which the depressions required for binding are milled and drilled with the highest level of precision: Grooves for the specially made cable loops and semi-circular depressions for the chromed steel balls. This is all you need for a design module. Place the cable loop in the groove precisely milled for this purpose; place the first side wall between the two vertical elements. Inserting the second wall places the entire structure under tension, then insert the back wall, and your design module is complete. Standardized chromed steel balls are used to fix the partition walls and trays in place and bind the individual modules together into a stable piece of furniture. Sliding doors and other accessories such as drawers are simply inserted. The piece needs no tools at all, and certainly no specialized tools like those required for certain furniture
Smart furniture doesn’t need any screws or other fittings at all, and can be easily assembled,
disassembled, and reassembled without tools. Nevertheless, it is stable and sturdy. It is highly flexible, and extremely versatile both formally and visually. This flexibility, and the uniqueness of the furniture, is never sacrificed. You can reassemble or extend the furniture at any time, and add new sliding doors to get an entirely new look. Its spatial, design, and visual versatility is unique. The compatibility between different individual systems is highly prized by customers. The xilobis system combines timeless design, creative freedom, maximum usability, and sustainability. A furniture system that can accompany you wherever you go, and always fits.

The Xilobis system wasn’t just invented in Switzerland, it is also manufactured entirely in Switzerland. “Made in Switzerland” isn’t just lip service – it’s a central pillar of the Xilobis corporate philosophy.
Xilobis also works with social institutions in manufacturing and inventory management: Small components are manufactured in the workshops of the Stöckenweid Foundation, which provides 70 protected employment positions for individuals with disabilities; the central warehouse is attended by passionate employees from the Züriwerk Foundation.

Mission statement
What we want to achieve with our behavior and how we keep our promise to our customers:
Independent: We want successfully establish Xilobis as a brand. To do that we need to generate
returns, which reward those who are innovative and bring in jobs, and maintain our independence.
Sustainable: We strive for efficient use of resources , the use of environmentally friendly materials that reduce waste and avoid the use of dangerous substances.
Winning: We place the needs of our customers at the center of our all our thoughts and actions, awake emotions and convey joy with design, durability and flexibility.
Exemplary: We want all individuals in the company to contribute to the positive image of the company through their behavior, their communication and their appearance.
Swiss: We are committed to production in Switzerland.
We are here because…
• we give of our best in all that we do,
• we bring joy to our customers’ homes and offices,
• we meet needs and exceed our customers’ expectations,
• we use natural raw materials with respect and efficiently,
• we are economical with the company’s resources,
• we treat our customers as we would like to be treated ourselves,
• we are entrepreneurial and fair with our business partners,
• we make a wonderful contribution to sustainability.
We continue to exceed the expectations of our customers and amaze the world with our unique
character. We are able to do this because…
• our austere design is functional and timeless,
• we use impressive, precise methods to process natural raw wood material,
• our products need no screws or fittings,
• the binding technology using ball and cable is highly stable,
• the connecting elements form an important part of the design,
• the flexible connection system facilitates unlimited assembly, disassembly, and reassembly of the product,
• our product can be extended and added to at any time,
• you can adjust the product to your spatial and visual needs in just a few steps,
• construction of the furniture is simple and requires no tools,
• it is lightweight and easy to transport, saves space, and requires very little storage room,
• the individual draft plans and orders are saved in your personal account on the furniture planner and can be added to at any time,
• the furniture planner is also available in a comfortable atmosphere over the internet,
• the endless combinations make furniture design a playful experience,
• it’s simply fun to be creative!

Xilobis is a natural birch wood furniture. The high demands on the strength of the timber components are met through the plywood or laminate technology. Thin layers of wood are glued together in different directions and thus ensure that the wood panel is “locked”, so the swelling and shrinking behavior is homogenized. This birch plywood meets our needs better than a solid wood panel and can be processed more precisely. We only use FSC-certified birch plywood processed using non-toxic glue (IF20, light glued joints).
The surface coating consists of a wafer-thin paper foil protected by a film of melamine or phenol. The surface won’t splinter on impact like common laminate. Another specialized characteristic of this natural surface is its comfortable, warm “touch” upon direct contact.
We manufacture doors from acrylic glass, beech, aluminum, iron, and shale. Besides natural glazes, for coloration we also use high-quality pigment paint colors by kt.Color.
A stainless steel ball with a diameter of 13mm.
The cable consists of two polyester cords. The inner cable provides long-term elasticity, and the sheath protects it from wear.


Attraverso un’attenta analisi delle caratteristiche ambientali rispetto alla versione 4 del protocollo LEED NC, la società di consulenza QualityNet srl ha verificato che il prodotto dell’azienda oggetto di analisi può contribuire ai seguenti crediti LEED:


Ecco il product badge GREENiTOP concesso in uso all’azienda. GREENiTOP ( è il primo database per prodotti italiani in possesso di determinate performances ambientali, rivolto in primis ad architetti/progettisti/designers per aiutarli a selezionare sul mercato i migliori prodotti conformi ai requisiti richiesti dai più importanti protocolli internazionali di Green Building, tra cui LEED.

Per consultare le aziende i cui prodotti possono concorrere a crediti LEED, consulta la pagina: Crediti LEED




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